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Swami Kripalvanandji is a Saint. He is a brilliant shinning soul, created to dwell amongst seekers to guide them towards the fulfillment of God's supreme teachings of love and divine law. He remains with us as our facilitator, awakening that which lies within. He is our beloved teacher; the teacher of ancient truth and the holder of the keys that unlocks universal holy truth.

Swami Kripalvanandji always had a hunger to be in a deep relationship with God. He was born to parents living in the strictest Brahmin tradition, which sparked his longing to be in God's presence.

Swami Kripalvanandji faced many harsh realities and heavy burdens early in life, and with God seemingly nowhere in sight, he struggled to survive as an ordinary person. In this bitter darkness, he felt desperate and alone. Swami Kripalvanandji had no idea what an important person he was. This young man was so special in the eyes of God that God Himself, in the form of Lord Lakulish, came to save him from the clinching grips of destruction. Not only did He save him, but he also took him under his almighty wing of protective grace and provided the finest home for him. They lived in the same dwelling place together in Bombay for 15 months. Swami Kripalvanandji was 19 - a humble young student and Lord Lakulish, 60 - a mysterious loving teacher. Everyday they would walk on the beach together as Lord Lakulish taught Swami Kripalvanandji the Bhagavad-Gita.

Swami Kripalvanandji did not know "who" his unique teacher was. He would have never guessed that his teacher was actually God himself, Lord Shiva incarnate. Swami Kripalvanandji treasured every moment with his teacher, instinctively clinging to every single word. Lord Lakulish shared layer after layer of the Bhagavad-Gita, revealing every principle that was intricately woven and interconnected with other sacred scriptures. Every single dot was connected. This was the creation of the foundation for the system of enlightened souls. Swami Kripalvanandji listened carefully during their daily walks and then he would take time to be alone and contemplate his teachings. Later in the day, he would meet with Lord Lakulish and ask questions. Swami Kripalvanandji was the finest student destined to be the greatest leader of all times.

Lord Lakulish shared 15 months of intimate sacred teachings with Swami Kripalvanandji, and unbeknownst to Swami Kripalvanandji, this time together was quickly ending, as they departed Bombay for their final trip together. This journey consisted of late midnight sessions and mysterious visits to remote abandoned temples. In the hours from 12:00 AM - 3:00 AM, Lord Lakulish revealed the final secrets of yoga sadhana - the ultimate sacred teachings that cannot be put into written words and cannot be put into language. Only God that can whisper these words into the ear of his closest, most trusted disciple. Lord Lakulish urged Swami Kripalvanandji to meditate and dwell deeply on these mysteries and share any doubts or concerns openly with him. Lord Lakulish wanted no questions left unanswered.

Swami Kripalvanandji had no way of preparing himself for the sudden, unannounced departure of his beloved teacher. At the young age of only 20 ½, Lord Lakulish seemed to completely vanish from the earth. Once again, Swami Kripalvanandji felt alone and desperately lost. His only strength was found in his teachings and the time shared with his teacher. As time passed, Swami Kripalvanandji had a deeper understanding of the teachings.

Eventually, Swami Kripalvanandji's mind became free and his desire for peace grew stronger than the desire for earthly possessions. Swami Kripalvanandji gave up everything he owned because he knew that he could not be attached to earthly treasures and at the same time possess a heart of joy and peace.

Lord Lakulish predicted that Swami Kripalvanandji would become a Sanyasi. In the months to come, Swami Kripalvanandji sought another teacher; he boarded a train and returned to Bombay. When the student is ready, the teacher arrives! He was guided to a Swami who eventually made him a Sanyasi.

Free from earthly attachments, Swami Kripalvanandji wandered for the next 10 years as a Sanyasi with no money and only two outfits of clothes. In the footsteps of Lord Lakulish, Swami Kripalvanandji taught the Bhagavad-Gita extensively. He used to wake up entire villages of people at the mystical hour of 3:00 AM and teach the Bhagavad-Gita. He had no desire to reap the rewards of his actions - he taught out of pure love. Swami Kripalvanandji was an amazing speaker! He attracted a group of 3,000 people who sat in total stillness, absorbing his energy, wisdom and knowledge. They were so still that you could hear a pin drop.

As time passed, once again, Lord Lakulish appeared to Swami Kripalvanandji in his divine form. At this time, Swami Kripalvanandji began his yoga sadhana so that he could merge with his own Guru's consciousness. Lord Lakulish allowed this union to happen, and through the gift of grace, Swami Kripalvanandji became one with God. Miraculous changes occurred in Swami Kripalvanandji's sadhana practice. He permitted his mind to remain free and step aside to witness his body automatically flowing, directed by spirit. His body merged into different positions that were not normally available to the physical human body.

In light of this evolution, Swami Kripalvanandji realized the need for a stable place to settle down so he could deepen his practice on a regular basis. He settled in Malav and in Halol. Swami Kripalvanandji was genuinely loved by many who cared for him and took care of all his earthly needs. It was here that he spent his first 12 years in silence. During this time, Lord Lakulish appeared to him many times during his practice.

Eventually, Swami Kripalvanandji felt certain that Malav was the perfect place for him to stay and meditate because at that time, there was no easy way to get there. There were no roads and no interruptions. In 1971, Swami Kripalvanandji moved to Kayavarohan and began to build the temple, which was part of a grand plan. The temple was completed in 1974. His vision consisted of so much more than the temple, but everything shifted and Swami Kripalvanandji felt called to retire so that he could move deeper in his sadhana. He continued to live there for 6 years before traveling to America.

Swami Kripalvanandji lived in America in a secluded area for 4 ½ years. He broke his silence in America the first time after only 3 months to speak extensively about something very important - the Yamas and Niyamas. This is the divine law! The Yamas and Niyamas are the vital keys.

He went back to seclusion and in deep Sadhana after 3 months. Again Lord Lakulish appeared. He was so thrilled that He forgot all the sworrows of the past.

He continued His meditations and summoned our beloved Bapuji to US...

Taught intense scriptures and deep secrets of Yoga to Bapuji for 2 years and 3 months.

Initiated Bapuji into Saffron Clothes of Sanyas and passed Him all the yogic secrets, revealed all the necessary signs on our Bapuji' s body which only the one lineage bearer .disciple among many disciples carries on His body...

Bapuji did not even know what those signs meant. He had those signs on His body since childhood. Swami Kripalvanandji revealed everything He had. Created Swami Kripalvanandji Muni Mandal, created Swami Kripalvanandji Samadhi Mandir, (The ultimate temple of His place.) declared that this would be my ultimate final Ashram...and passed everything to our Ashutosh Bapuji. He said, Lord Lakulish had told me to teach you this Patanjal Yoga Sutra. I was going to teach you Shiv Sutra. He has told me to pass you this Yoga final legacy. So I am passing it on to you.

That is how Bapuji received the greatest blessings from Swami Kripalvanandji...and Lord Lakulish...the ultimate Shiv...This is our Swami Kripalvanandji Dadaji, and this is our Swami Ashutosh Bapuji.

The light of Lord Lakulish's teachings is what brings us together today, as a family - The Lakulish Family, and The Ashutosh Family.

Jai Bhagwan, Hallelujah!
By: Lois Leksan (Devaki)

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